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What does and doesn't score after 15 second autonomous?


See this VEX Forum thread:

Based on Q&A 809 (

And extrapolation of that "at the end of the match" ruling to all Mobile Goals in the Alliance Home Zone (in "Scoring Notes" on page 17, point 3)

It would seam that only Rings scored on or in the Alliance Mobile Goals will determine the autonomous winner.

Is that true?

Answered by committee

When determining the Autonomous Bonus, Mobile Goals and Rings should both be considered Scored at the end of the Autonomous Period exactly the same as they would be at the end of the Driver Controlled Period.

The Platform should not be included in this scoring calculation (i.e. no additional points are received for Elevated Mobile Goals and/or Robots at the end of the Autonomous Period).

We apologize for the confusion & delayed response in answering this question. These clarifications will be included in a future Game Manual Update.