Robot Name: Big Boy
Active: Yes
Grade Level: High School
Location: Morgantown, WV
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: 1044


We are team 99075 A Morgantown Mohigans!!! We are a jovial bunch of STEM enthusiasts, scholars, nerds, and robotics kids! From making memes to making our robot as adventurous as possible we stick together under the roof of robotics as a huge family, accomplishing our robotics and life endeavors together. Our team is so diverse and unique, which is what comprises who we are. We believe in actively serving our community, and keeping our robotics side thriving. We are the innovators, and game changers and will be the inspiration. We love helping one another, and making the most of our robotics experience. VEX has made a significant impact on our lives and we want to continue our journey of being leaders, robotics fans, and make our world a better place.


We are so excited for the new season, Turning point! Looks like a risky game but we can't wait to play and see what avenues it offers!! Time for a season of strategy, innovation, risk, and fun! Of course some memes here and there!


We are sponsored by STEM Enterprises, our coach's non-profit organization which strives to support and promote STEM based and robotics education in areas in West Virginia where students may not have access to this education, or the means to participate in robotics programs. We provide this education for free to all students, and our organization extends internationally to Brazil, Afghanistan, and India where we have 4 FIRST robotics teams of our own! We host several STEM summer camps at our local NASA facility and sponsor all robotics programs in WV. Every summer we travel to India to our great grandfather's school and educate children on STEM, basic education like hygiene and the alphabet, and those who wish to pursue robotics may do so. Our organization has changed the lives of many students and families and we look forward to making a greater impact through STEM Enterprises in the years to come. We plan to host our own international VEX tournament in our very own West Virginia and invite world class teams from across the globe to take our VEX experience to greater heights. We appreciate all that our coach does for us, and love working under STEM Enterprises, improving one life at a time everyday.