Robot Name: Unknown
Active: Yes
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: 348


This team is conformed by five girls who started working in robotics projects three years ago. The Rock-G-Bots team has worked in a VEX robot this year and has participated in multiple events with our V4 and V% robot. We have competed in three different online challenges and have implemented a summer camp for VEX IQ event for elementary school students. We will get them started in this magnificent world of robotics this year.


Our sponsor, Mrs.Rengifo, always encouraged us to do what we love and told us to practice because that was the best for us. We love our sponsor, she is the best at explaining something that we maybe don't understand . Our sponsor also taught us how to program and showed us to teamwork. Our sponsor has been teaching robotics, since the VEX competitions started 12 years ago and has led to the qualification of 9 different teams to Worlds throughout the years.