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Hereford Zone Robotics
Robot Name: Sackbot
Active: Yes
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: 377

About this Season

Hereford Zone Robotics (HZR) is a club that includes Sparks Elementary School, Hereford Middle School, and Hereford High School. HZR has directly hosted 2 events and was a major assist to 6 other events. We were the major event partner in organizing and running all 4 Maryland state championships. This year marks the 13th year of our club and hosting the 8th annual HZR VRC Stampede tournament. This summer we hosted our 9th annual camp. We annually compete with 12 VEXIQ middle school, 2 VEXIQ elementary school, 3 middle school VEX VRC, and 8 high school teams. Our program is committed to teamwork, STEM, and student centered Mindfulness towards the Engineering process.