Seaquam Seahawks
Robot Name: 9181Z
Active: Yes
Grade Level: High School
Location: Delta, BC
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: 32


We have a 5 member team all in grade 12 in our 3rd year of VEX robotics. We have roles set out for each of the team members, but cross-over is encouraged so that everyone has a basic understanding off all the work that is being done. In order to follow a rigorous but flexible process, we employ the cyclic design process used by NASA. Furthermore, we utilize our robotics journal for not only design documentation but also planning and organization so that it is all in one place. We keep ourselves organized with calendars and make a habit of communicating decisions to all members on the team. After every work session, a brief record of what occurred is sent to our group chat to update everyone for the following work session. By prioritizing organization and communication, we have noticed an improvement in our efficiency as compared to the previous season. We make a rule of reflecting on how the team functioned each week as a whole which allows us to stay on the same page and continually improve our efficiency.