Robot Name: Unknown
Active: No
Grade Level: High School
Location: Hopkinsville, KY
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: N/A


(Our team consists of 4 members. Josh (builder/programmer), Braden driver/programmer), Ian (Builder/Notebook), and Demarion (Scout). Josh is the captain and a senior. This is his 3rd full year in VEX. Braden is a sophomore, and this is his 2nd year in VEX. Ian is a junior, this is his first year in VEX, and Demarion is a freshman, and this is his second year.


We participate in various community service events throughout the past year. Last summer all 8349 teams participated in the hosting/teaching the Gateway Academy Summer Robotics Camp. It was a weeklong camp for elementary students. All our team members participated each day for the week. We also took part in various STEM/Robotic days at numerous Elementary Schools. We would bring different robots and allow students to drive them, and ask questions. We also built 5 special robots and took them to the Western KY State Fair and set up an area for anyone to drive. This was to promote STEM and Gateway Academy to the public. Finally we showcased our Turning Point bots for Toyoda Gosei Family day. We setup special shooting games with our bots for those who attended the event. We have won 10 Tournament Champion Awards (most in the world) and finished with a record of 115-9. We also won our very first Kentucky State Championship with team 8349E. This was our goal from the beginning of the season. It was most satisfying being that two years ago our program was struggling to get off the ground. Our school had only won one tournament in history, and only one team had ever had an invite to our state championship. Our program hosted two events this year, West Kentucky Holiday Invitational in December, and the Gateway To VEX tournament in January. This was our first year hosting two events, but the fourth year we have hosted at least one.


T.RAD is the sponsor for our team. You can visit their website at T.RAD is a global manufacturer of heat exchangers for internal combustion engines, architectural HVAC units, battery cooling, and fuel cell cooling. If your product requires a heat exchanger to operate, you can count on T.RAD to produce it. T.RAD has been a major sponsor of our team this year. Once they came to visit our facility and learned about our program, they wanted to be a part of it right away. Without them, this season would not be possible.