Robot Name: El Pollo Loco
Active: Yes
Grade Level: High School
Location: Ridgeland, MS
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: 2374


Our team consist ten members that specialize in different aspects of the engineering process. Although most members have areas that they are most experienced in, our team makes it a point to have all members participate in each engineering process at some point. The more experienced members can assist those that are less familiar with their area of expertise in improving that specific skill set. This ensures not only that the team is able together with optimal efficiency but also that every team member is competent in every aspect of both the notebook and building processes. It also guarantees the prosperity of our program in future years .The team's primary goal for every season is to learn and enjoy the experience.


Throughout the duration of our season, our team has taken numerous opportunities to give back to our community in any ways we can. The first way our team does this is through hosting robotics competitions. This season our robotics program hosted two competitions, with over thirty teams at each. Through hosting, we were able to promote STEM education to our schools and the surrounding ones. Over the course of the season, our team also mentored 5 five other teams, one even went on to be their respective state champion. Our dedication, honesty, and devotion to creating fair and healthy competition led our team to be recognized for Sportsmanship Award at VEX National Competition 2017-2018.


We have built relationships with the local Papa John's Pizza and Van's Comics Cards and Games. These businesses provide us with in kind donations to better our club. We also have parents that have gone out to solicit donations to make it possible to buy the supplies we needs as well as make it to VEX Worlds. Some of the sponsors were architectural firms, foundation repairs, and engineering firms.