Robot Name: Unknown
Active: No
Grade Level: High School
Location: Akron, OH
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: N/A


We have learned to work not only in our specific fields of expertise, but also as a cohesive unit. We can understand other areas of the process and give insightful input from a different perspective. We take the robot home on a regular basis and work several hours a week outside of school and robotics club. Each member is extremely committed to the activity and we work together to solve the problems that we encounter along the way. The team consists of two freshmen, three juniors, and one senior, and it is important to us to be able to pass along our knowledge. The upperclassmen spend time teaching the freshmen how to program, build, and log so that they can continue to succeed on their own. Overall, the community of the robotics club is the most important part of the activity and our team values the experiences of teamwork, sportsmanship, and learning above all else.


Our team built a number of different designs during the summer of 2017 to attempt to work out the kinks before committing to a design. We have won the Excellence Award (2x), the Design Award, Tournament Finalists (3x), and Robot Skills Champion during the regional competition season. The general design has stayed the same since the first competition, but before we finalized that we built and tested two others and decided based on a decision matrix. Between competition, we edited and tested vigorously, always finding mechanics to improve, aspects to add, strategies to implement, and more. Constant improvement was always a priority. At states, we just barely missed making the semifinals, but we ended up qualifying through robot skills. After qualifying for the World Championships, we decided as a group to tear down the robot and rebuild a newer, better design for worlds. The robot was great in competition, but we knew we would have to change designs if we wanted to be competitive at the World Championships. Since then we have been testing autonomous and practicing driving constantly in preparation for worlds.


GPD employees' foundation is a medium of the GPD Group created to to aid in channeling donations that will enrich the K-12 public education experience and support at-risk children and those with medical and special needs. By focusing their efforts on improving the lives of children, they are developing a long-term commitment to investing in communities in which they serve. GPD has provided us with the support and resources that e need to truly excel as a club and as an educational community. They keep us running, learning, and improving our skills in engineering so that we can advance into the world with experience and support from the world of real-world engineers.