Eggs 'N Bacon
Robot Name: Unknown
Active: No
Grade Level: High School
Location: Akron, OH
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: N/A


After a year filled with plenty of ups and downs we are able to reflect on the year and see just how amazing it has been. At the start of the year we started with a team that had never really been together before, but the team dynamic quickly developed. Between the builders bouncing ideas off of one another and the programmers working alongside the builders to create an awesome robot in all aspects. Although we faced many struggles in advancing to states through the regional competitions, we always left those competitions determined to take what we had learned as more motivation to succeed. After many rebuilds and changes over the season we finally came out on top and won tournament champions and skills at a local competition. At states it was smooth sailing, we found ourselves breezing through matches and realizing that all our hard work paid off. Making it to semifinals was a surreal moment that we will never forget the immense amount of joy we all felt in the moment. Now onto the road to worlds! All we can say is that the team bond only strengthened from there. Hours and hours of work being put into the final touches of a robot we are all so proud to stand behind. The copious amounts of joy that have amounted from this year as well as all of the friendships we have made along the road have resulted in a truly memorable year four our team.


The season was pretty rough in the start, we consistently performed well, but we often came up short in regional competitions whether it be due to a building mishap, a program that went awry, or even just getting destroyed by another team. Finally though, we had our moment to shine at a local competition where we came out on top in the competition winning tournament champions and skills. At states we had everything running flawlessly and we took home a world qualifying award due to our wondrous performance in making it to semifinals. In regards to our activities throughout the season that were outside of VEX robotics we participated in our club hosted events that are aimed at creating events that younger students are able to participate in so that they can be immersed in STEM related activities. These events consisted of aiding in hosting middle school robotics, Goodyear STEM day, and providing support to other schools in our district. We as a team and club are dedicated to maintaining a well rounded status in our community as students that wish to bring STEM to young children in our city. The progression of STEM programs has really fueled us to be such active members of our community.


Our sponsor, GPD, is a local engineering firm in Akron, Ohio that is dedicated to fostering STEM based learning extra-curricular programs such as our robotics club. For the past few years GPD has been gracious enough to gift us with a grant that allows for our club to run years on end without worry in regards to our financial status. Seeing as how our club has grown quite a lot over the past few years, this extra support from an outside source has really aided our club in succeeding. This generous grant is designated to promote VEX robotics within the city of Akron with the goal of starting enough akron based teams to start a league. Without their support our club would suffer greatly due to the fact that a main goal of our club is rooted in the disbursement of knowledge regarding the creation of VEX robotics teams around Akron, Ohio. Being able to spread STEM programs around our district allows for more children to be exposed to extracurriculars that they may have never been involved in before. Had we not had such funds, our club would be unable to assist in the development of other schools programs, therefore hindering the advancement and exposure of STEM programs to younger children. Ultimately, we are very thankful to have received such support from a wonderful company dedicated to providing substantial funds to our club that are aimed at the integration and development of STEM programs into other schools around the city.