Dino Nuggets
Robot Name: Unknown
Active: No
Grade Level: High School
Location: Akron, OH
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: N/A


Our team has a strong belief that learning should be the number one goal no matter what. Winning is nice, but it means nothing if you didn't learn. Our team has continued this goal of learning by making sure all of the people on our team have a basic understanding of each of the skills that are necessary to do all of the jobs on a team (building, programming, logging, scouting, and designing). Throughout the season this team has grown in so many different ways. At the beginning we barely knew knew each other and now we are best friends. Not only have we learned to be better at our roles on the team, but we have also learned to work and solve problems together. The things that we have learned and the memories that we have made will be with us for a lifetime.


Throughout the season our team has accomplished so many things. This year our team and club as a whole continued the tradition of bringing VEX Robotics to Akron, our home town. In the beginning of the year we ran our annual "Middle School Robotics". This is a tech challenge that middle school students from all over Akron participate in. They are giving a box of parts that they use to build a robot. This robot competes in matches. We, the high school students, mentor, run, and ref this event as well a set it up. We also hosted the 14th annual "boat races" at our school. This is a tech challenge that teaches students problem solving and team work. Students are given cardboard boxes to turn into boats that they can use to complete a course. Middle school students from all over the district compete, a well as our school board members, teachers, and principles. Our robot was also one of the top in skills in Ohio. We also won the Excellence Award, Judges Awards, Skills Champion, and we are worlds qualified!


Our sponsor, the GPD Employees Foundation, has made it possible for our club to grow in to what it is now. Without them we would not be able to compete at the level we are, and we might not have made it to worlds. We are so thankful for all that they do.