Robot Name: Not Applicable
Active: Yes
Grade Level: High School
Location: Solihull,
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: 596


TBC Robotics started in Januarty 2017, in the middle of the Starstruck season, despite this they managed to win two tournaments and qualify for Nationals. They failed to impress but ended up on an alliance with fellow Blitz Team 3116A and narrowly lost the quarterfinals to the eventual winners. In In The Zone, the season started positively as they qualified for Nationals very early on. After a slightly worse mid season, the team pulled itself together to compete at Nationals. They finished 9 - 3 as 7th seed. 66618Z were again allianced with 3116A and reached the final. They were strategically outplayed in the finals by 3116C despite having extremely strong robots. The team consists of George (Main Builder and Designer), Chris (Programmer and Driver), Yicheng (Everything), and Abinav (Programmer)