Turing Robotics: Nomad
Robot Name: Nomad
Active: Yes
Grade Level: High School
Location: Lorain, OH
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: N/A


We are a team of high school students without a high school sponsor. We have formed an independent team in order to compete in VEX robotics. We currently have to hold our team meetings at public libraries, fast food restaurants, garages, and any other place we can meet with wifi.


Our electronics arrived 12/1/2018 and our first competition was 12/8/2018. So, we had exactly seven days to build a robot to compete. We build in the basement, living room, and kitchen of our mentor... sometimes there are parts in all of those places. Our team has a practice field in a three season room on his property which we have to heat with propane heaters in order to keep the temperature above 40 degrees F. We are lucky to have access to a garage full of tools to cut and finish the metal parts.


We are self sponsored by our mentor. Our mentor is a programmer and inventor with over 35 years of programming everything from mainframes to PLCs. Our mentor has received support from the other local surrounding school districts, for example, one of the other districts' coaches provided the information on how to obtain a grant. Another school district provided some additional parts for our practice field. Our mentor was a founding member of the VEX Middle School across the street from his house, and was their mentor for the previous four years.