Two Guys & a Gal
Robot Name: Crank
Active: Yes
Grade Level: High School
Location: Ravenna, NE
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: 110


This year, 5W has three team members. C.J., the main builder, designer, and team captain; Shalie, the programmer; and E.J., the driver. Due to personal reasons, E.J. will not be attending the worlds tournament, so we will be bringing, Chase, a stand-in driver. We spend are able to work on the robot during school days, and sometimes during the weekends. Our robot has two main ways of scoring, caps and flags. We score flags with a double catapult, and we score caps by flipping them with our intake and placing them on poles with our lift.


When our season began in late August, we were not as skilled as we are today. We did manage to create a robot that qualified us to regionals fairly early in the season. We then took the time to experiment with different designs. After we settled on a design, we began working on a decent skills autonomous. When the regional competition came around, we made it to semifinals, which qualified us for the worlds tournament. After qualifying, we made some changes to our robot, however, the general design stayed the sign. Because the design was relatively similar, we were able to adjust all of the previous autonomi to work with the new design. Now we are preparing for the worlds tournament by testing and fixing the robot wherever possible. Throughout the season, we have had administrators from neighboring schools come and observe to see if they should start their own team(s).