Gael Force X
Robot Name: Xcalibur
Active: No
Grade Level: High School
Location: Dublin, CA
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: N/A


Our team contains 14 members of freshmen, sophomores and juniors who each utilize unique skill and cohesive organizational ability. We chose one another through common interests and a willingness to excel in all aspects. We see all aspects of robotics from designing and building dope robots to programming and practicing as pivotal aspects to a team’s success. Despite our large number, we have all found means to work on all topics to maximize efficiency and educate one another on all STEM concepts necessary for an effective team. Members have taken on the tasks of programming, building, design and modeling, scouting and networking, as well as multimedia. All members have had opportunities to experience and contribute to each effort through a meticulously planned schedule, and we have made sure to document our efforts thoroughly. Our team in particular within the club has tried to take more fun, enjoyable routes in competition while remaining moral and ethical in our competition routes. As a captain, I feel that each of our members has become a respectful member of the robotics community through our team, and I am proud of our efforts during the season.


Throughout the season we have pursued a variety of different community interaction experiences. Our club hosts a competition for the Bay Area Northern California region. Our team specifically aided in the tournament management services as well as running a successful livestream of the event at . We also held several seminars regarding build quality and programming to members of the community through our club’s developmental team program, in which new members were exposed to new concepts and guided by members of competition teams. We split the seminar groups in to friendly competing groups and had our mentoring members aid the individual groups to build similar apparatuses to solve problems. Allowing the two groups of comrades to compare their work and reflect on their work. Lastly, our team has made efforts to reach out to other schools and collaborate with alternative robotics clubs and classes to aid in education or sharing our experiences with other interested students.


We do not receive sponsorship directly; however, our students’ respective families aid in funding to ensure success in the collective future of our members. In addition, our school’s extracurricular PFSO association does assist in our world’s funding and we take great pride in our community’s support.