Pearl City High School
Robot Name: Thing 1
Active: Yes
Grade Level: High School
Location: Pearl City, HI
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: 230


Charger Robotics started at Pearl City High School, in Pearl City, Hawaii under the direction of Mr. Hai Nguyen and recently joined Ms. Nikki Takai and Mr. Gary Kanamori. The program is comprised of 18 members who all share the same goal; to spread awareness about our team, robotics, and STEAM throughout our school, community, and Hawaii. We proudly represent Chargers with the colors purple and white with Excellence and Honor.


This past year was creating awareness within our team, to our school, and to the community. Majority of the team was comprised of Seniors who will unfortunately will be graduating at the end of the year. So the team took it upon itself to focus on recruitment and mentoring the underclassmen so they are prepared to take on the next challenge for the next season. But we weren't just thinking about the present, we also planned for the future. We realized that Robotics or STEAM education stays consistent through kindergarten to high school. So Charger Robotics has built a stronger foundation of mentoring elementary schools (Pearl City Elementary School and Manana Elementary) in VEX IQ creating a bigger awareness for engineering. With this new found connection, once they attend high school they will be well equipped and familiar to our program creating a smoother transition and a more successful team. In the past few years our Robotics program has been and continues to be recognized by the school, state representatives, and companies for our triumphant legacy. We hope to continue this trend and become a program recognized by all and furnishes the next innovators.


Charger Robotics is sponsored by many local companies and also various industries. Despite their differences we all share a common goal, which is to impact the communities and schools in Hawaii preparing the next set of engineers. Our program also strives maintain a close connection to the people that support us by giving back and continuing our legacy because without their support our goal would be unreachable.