Robot Name: Unknown
Active: Yes
Grade Level: High School
Location: Salisbury, MD
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: N/A


We are based out of Parkside High School and our club covers the entirety of our county. This means that anyone in the county is provided with the opportunity to join our club. Our team currently has members from 3 different schools and we all have a variety of robotics experience.


We attended four competitions this season and we did not leave empty handed at any of them. We earned 2 design awards, 2 tournament champions, 1 skills champion, and 1 sportsmanship award. In December our team hosted a competition at our home school in which we had teams from all over Maryland and Delaware compete in. Our team is very grateful for all of our sponsors who have provided us with the funds to actually participate this season and for all of our mentors who have been here and have helped this program run.


NASA Wallops Island Flight Facility, Maryland State Board of Education, Mader Systems Consulting, Bennett Company, Mr. and Mrs. Ollinger, Parkside High School, Parkside Career and Technology Education, Autodesk, RecFoundation, VEX, FIRST