Robot Name: thunder jeep 3
Active: Yes
Grade Level: High School
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: 732


Our team is a team of two boys, Nikaash and Ryan, beginning their robotics journey. Both students attended The Science Academy Magnet at Millikan Middle School where they were introduced to engineering and programming. With the lack of resources avail to them such as a field, it has been challenging to build and program their robot in the most effective way. But they are committed and undeterred. Recently, this team of two boys added a female teammate. Amanda Basinger had originally started an all-girls team. Half-way through the season, that team fell apart without ever competing. New to robotics, Amanda could not continue on her own. Nikaash and Ryan added Amanda to their team to give her an opportunity to learn so that she may start and continue a team next year. Her primary participation right now is pit crew management and establishing our position with potential alliances. Her main goal is to learn how to code. Nikaash and Ryan are happy to help her reach her goal. This year, Brandon joins the team, also new to robotics and Ryan and Nikaash are happy to have him.


Last season, with the help of Amanda, Nikaash and Ryan were able to secure a $100K fund for the robotics program that they started at the school. With this fund, Ryan and Nikaash hope to help create more teams at Cleveland. In addition, Nikaash is mentoring a middle school team at The Science Academy STEM Magnet. Last season, the team qualified for States 3 times and went to Nationals. This year, the goal for the team is to go to Worlds.