Robot Name: Unknown
Active: No
Program: VRC
World Skills Rank: N/A


1313A RoboRunners is a Middle School team from Traverse City, Michigan. The team has been competing for over 5 years with various students. RoboRunners is unique because the students come from different schools and have been Girl Powered every year they have been competing! The RoboRunners set lofty goals and have shown great tenacity in achieving them. The team is dedicated to having a great engineering notebook, knowing that success in other areas will follow. 1313A began as a VEX IQ team and the IQ program is a member of the Michigan STEM Hall of Fame. The VEX IQ team is the only team to win Excellence and Teamwork in 3 consecutive State Championships. They also won the Design Award at the World Championship twice, the Autodesk CAD Challenge twice, and were finalists in the photography online Challenge. They were finalists or division finalists for 4 consecutive years.


The season is just beginning! RoboRunners is actively involved in the community and growing robotics in northern Michigan. From giving community presentations to volunteering at events in which they do not compete they are constantly trying to raise the tide of all area teams, knowing that that will only help them get better.