Aruküla VEX
Robot Name: RoobX
Active: No
Program: VIQC
World Skills Rank: N/A


The team Aruküla Vex consists of two boys Marko and Uku and their robot RoobX.


This season we have participated at one major robot-event in Estonia, Robotex.


Our sponsor is our school. We have 416 students ranging between the age of 7 to 15 and about 30 or so teachers, all just as young at heart! There are 21 sets of classes of year 3 to 9 students. Among other things we teach and study English and Russian, occasionally German. You might be thinking, OK - what about sports? Just name the game!!! We have a long tradition of playing high-grade (not to say kick-arse :) handball, there are badminton, wrestling, gymnastics trainings, you can have a go at table tennis at any time in the hallways or try your luck at a tiny little skatepark behind the school. Fancy dancing? You are welcome to enjoy a folk dance group, try out your personal gracefullness with the ribbon dancers and the colourful lady of the local manor house as their leader, or simply do aerobics. You would think that's all, but it's not! We have a whole bunch of other extra curricular activity options e.g. robotics, National Youth Organisation groups, cookery classes, not to mention different choirs, since Estonians are a well-known singing nation! We can easily find a song festival of some kind somewhere in the country every other week! Everyday lessons are spiced up with field trips to activity centres, adventure parks, theatres, museums, learning centres, escape rooms, hiking trails etc. There is always plenty to do, oversee and organise for ordinary school lessons, traditional events for the whole school, the students of long day groups or teachers - all hands on deck and the more the merrier! Besides, alongside with the everyday mayhem of school life we can guarantee unpredictable weather all over the country, starting from weeks of drought to weeks of rain to weeks of deep snow! Welcome to Estonia! Welcome to Aruküla!