Best Matrioshka
Robot Name: Squidward
Active: No
Program: VIQC
World Skills Rank: N/A


Why do most people believe that girls are not able to do what boys are to? We can also fight hardships, create something new, and be experts in various fields too. Technologies and robotics are very important in modern life. Why wouldn’t girls’ teams show their talents in these directions too? Let’s get acquainted! We are Uliana, Nataliya, Stephanie, Victoria and Polina - 5 girls from RUSSIA. We study in the 3rd form of a private humanitarian gymnasium. All together we are 43 years old, so we are grown up and independent.


The name of this season’s game is NEXT LEVEL. How symbolic it is! THANKS TO VEX OUR TEAM WILL MOVE TO A NEW LEVEL. We will get new experience, new knowledge, new opportunities. Robotics united us, we became closer friends, we learned to trust each other and to function as a real team. NOW WE INTERACT LIKE ONE BIG ORGANISM. We have already faced the first obstacles. The new constructor is more difficult in assembling, the programming is more complicated. BUT DESPITE ALL WE ARE READY TO LEARN AND WORK HARD!