Artesian Bellbots
Robot Name: 68070B
Active: No
Program: VIQC
World Skills Rank: N/A


Our B team is made up of 4 kids that have worked to design, build and modify the VEX IQ robot since October of this season. They have each contributed to the hands on building and driving of the robot while pushing each other to keep their eyes on the goals they have set. Each practice time was used effectively, but while still having fun. At our meets, teammates cheered each other and were able to problem solve when adjustments needed to be made.


This season began in October or 2019 with a very large group of excited robot engineers. We have competed in 3 qualifier competitions as a school, with some teams competing in all three and others in two or just one. We will also attend our distric invitational in March where all elementary teams bring their robots to compete after state finals. This is a very fun and exciting opportunity for ALL of our team and club members to take part in. The pressure is less and the creativity is elevated with team members working collaboratively with other teams to create and drive robots that may defy some state inspections and expectations. Our fifth and sixth graders have had a wonderful experience this year with new and returning members of the club.


Our school has sponsored all of our needs this year. We also received a technology grant to purchase replacement parts, batteries and radios. Techpoint for Youth has also helped us to renew our places in competitions.