Flinn Flyers
Robot Name: Freddie Falcon
Active: Yes
Program: VIQC
World Skills Rank: 80


The Flinn Flyers are a second year robotics team. We have three members on our team. Each team member has had an important role in our robotics season. We have one girl and two boys on our competition team.


In the 2018-2019 Season, our team participated in three "B" league meets. At first, we could not score many points, but after many modifications, we received the Design Award and qualified for the State Championships. At the State Championships we qualified for the Vex Robotics World Championships. We also participated in the APPy Invitational with over 60 teams where we won the Team Challenge Award and qualified for the Create U.S. Open Championships in Council Bluffs, Iowa April 1-3. This is our schools first robotics team and the community has been very excited and supportive. Many of our sponsors are individual donors and some have never heard of robotic competitions. Our team was honored to be invited to and recognized by the W.V. Senate during the recent legislative session. This has been a wonderful and enriching experience for our team!