Golden Girls
Robot Name: Unknown
Active: No
Program: VIQC
World Skills Rank: N/A


This is our second year we participate in robotics, our team truly enjoyed the experience and looking forward to go back adjust our robot and strategies to get better. Like any team we had some arguments and we had our differences but despite having many ups and downs we pushed forward to meet our goals while having the most fun as possible. We all dedicated the time and effort into making this team what it is and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.


We are eager to learn more, practice, looking forward for future events. A big milestone for us was he tournament at Slider where we stood up for ourselves and proved to everyone we wanted it more. We learned a lot especially with communication and collaborating to overcome challenges in the real world. Throughout the season we bonded and became more of a family. We are more than happy with how the season went. After arguments and overcoming challenges it was all worth it and we can't wait for next season


Ms. Rivera is always willing to guide us, support us, and challenge us to be better team players. She’s a great leader who we all look up to. In addition to encouraging us to do our best she points us in the direction to do so. She’s sacrifices everything to help us reach our goals. This might be her first year in robotics but we couldn’t ask for a better coach.