Robot Name: Serenity
Active: No
Program: VIQC
World Skills Rank: N/A


Team Atlantis, made up of minds thinking of a same goal to achieve with creativity, collaboration and intellect. Team has mixture of individuals with past exposure to VEXIQ program and individual to challenge old thinking & have new ideas on the table. Each team member is inventive, supportive and post challenge to test each other’s proposals & solutions. Motivating each other at difficult time to fix the issues and celebrate the success together. Team Members: Divyanka Mohil - 6th Grade ; Sanjana Kavdikar - 6th Grade ; Ashmeet Singh Bedi - 6th Grade ; Varun Yeri – 8th Grade ; Savir Raj Singh Mohil – 8th Grade


The challenge this season is a very unique with concealed challenges, it looks simple but very challenging to test creativity and intelligence of teams for their robot design to overcome in smooth way. We as team hope to succeed and compete with the best teams at different level. It will be a pleasure getting opportunity to work with other teams as your partner and learn with your competitors.


Parents sponsoring kids to unveil their hidden talent to the Robotics world and how they will design their robot to this year challenge. Parents also mentoring the kids for this year challenge.