Kochone Yaate
Robot Name: 27315 A
Active: Yes
Program: VIQC
World Skills Rank: 327


Our team is made up of 4 middle school students, 3 girls and one boy. Chief is a confident first driver. Kyla and Camden are sisters. Kyla is the student who has put on the programming hat for the team and helps with the elementary team as well. Adaya is new to our team. Her younger sister is part of the elementary team and she became interested in robotics later in the season.She is still working on becoming confident with her driving.


This is the first year robotics has been incorporated as part of our after school program. The students had their first competition last December. The team made it into the finals round, ranking in 9th place. The students finished the competition in 7th place. They were also awarded the Judge's Award.


The team is sponsored by the Miccosukee Indian School. We are a tribal school in the beautiful Florida everglades. The school services Native American students who are members of the Miccosukee and Seminole Tribe.