NextGen Robotics B
Robot Name: Unknown
Active: No
Program: VIQC
World Skills Rank: N/A


Our team consists of 6 highly motivated 5th grade boys from Southern California. These boys all attend John Malcom Elementary School in Laguna Niguel. May of these boys have been friends since Kindergarten. We have three coaches this year. They have been working hard to get to the World Competition. We are excited and look forward to competing and meeting new people from around the world.


We have had an exciting season this year. Our STEM project has been especially interesting. We interviewed the company Blast Motion, a company that manufactures baseball bats with chips to record a batters information to predict batting performance. We also had the opportunity to demonstrate and compete our robots at the company L3 Communications in Anaheim, CA. We created our own robotics competition with L3's engineers. We have grown as a team. Many students learned programming for the first time and wish to continue robotics in the future.


Our sponsors include John Malcom Elementary School from Laguna Niguel, CA, The city of Laguna Niguel city council and DiversityComm, Inc. These sponsor have all contributed to help our team get to the World Competition.