Intelligent Brain
Robot Name: IQ
Active: No
Program: VIQC
World Skills Rank: N/A


intelligent Brain “Alone we can so little, together we can do so much.” Together, the four us won two regional competitions and 1 nation competition earning first place in skills and teamwork categories in one of the competitions and 1st place in skills category in another one. Our story began in October 2018 at Emirates Science Club. Each one of us came from a different school and grade-sand interest. Sultan, he is in grade six and he is the team leader, Gaith in seventh grade he is the programming leader, Mohammed in sixth grade he is designing leader and Abdulla eighth grade he is mechanics leader. Yet, we all shared one passion that is robotics. On that summer, the four of us had more common thing besides a passion for robotics. We had a common goal that wins the championship at the Vex World Competition. With every experience, there are plenty of lessons learned. We are very excited that we are halfway through our goal, and we can’t wait to meet talented individuals who have the same passion and goal as we do.


Community Service I’m student (Sultan Alzarooni) one of the team member, I studied at a school with no robotics trainer and I wanted to help my classmates. I established a science club inside the school. In coordination with the school administration, two days were allocated to train my colleagues to build and program the robot and introduce them to the international standards I learned at Emirates Science Club Hosting events “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Through commitment, hard work, and mainly enthusiasm, the Emirates Science Club hosted the first local VEX competition that compromised of VEX IQ where more than 10 teams were competing against each other and VEX EDR that involved more than 7 teams competing against each other. The secret to any event success is effective organization. Therefore, the club called for 14 volunteers and trained them as referees. Also, to ensure spreading a passion for volunteering among children, the volunteers team involved an 8 years old kid whose task was focused on organizing the playground. Winners of this competition didn’t only win a local competition but were also nominated for the regional competition.


Emirates Science Club is nonprofit organization it was founded on 15 January 1990, as one sub-commission of the Cultural & Scientific Association The club includes 11 activities and large number of local members. It’s run under the supervision of the country’s most skillful and experienced nationals. Vision: Scientific literacy as a key to tech innovation. Mission Run scientific activities, in the form of brief and seasonal in all fields of science & technology, supervised by a selection of specialized engineers. Aside to that, taking part in science exhibitions and international competitions in accordance to the country’s vision and goals. The club also aims at raising the students’ levels of intelligence, encourage them and discover their scientific talents & abilities, at early stages, while taking care and developing them in a proper positive way. Club Objectives - Spread scientific literacy & raise overall levels of scientific understanding - Provide the proper environment for youth to practice liberated scientific activities - Discover young talents & skills - Develop young people’s innovation & scientific research skills - Practice scientific knowledge in a scientific way - Facilitate the dialogue with other young people allover the world - Active participation and representation in local & international scientific conferences Club divisions Electricity & Electronics - Robotics - Drones - 3D-Printing - Smart Applications- Computers & Internet - Wood-working - Bright Youngsters Club Activities: 1. Training Workshops & Sessions Permanent Workshops - Summer Sessions - Winter Sessions - Spring Sessions 2. Science Camps Science Museums Visits - Leisure Activities - Science Trips - Competitions - Internships 3. Social & Cultural Activities Exhibitions - Cultural & Scientific Seminars - Local Community Service 4. Club Participation Local Participation - Regional Participation - International Participation Club Membership: Emirates Science Club membership is now available to all young people in UAE, with no specific age group. Upon finalizing the membership, students can start performing the tasks and projects they would like to do, with no barriers, throughout the whole year, and during their leisure time. Membership Types: Honorary Membership - Active Membership - Associate Membership