Red Circuit Breakers
Robot Name: Unknown
Active: No
Program: VIQC
World Skills Rank: N/A


This is our third year competing! We are a competition team that meets 2 times a week after school to robot! Our kids are grades 3rd-6th and we have eight kids who make up our crew! All students build and drive on our team. We have a coding team of 3 girls who program our robot. We practice with our other school team, The Gray Circuit Breakers! We are excited to attend The Indiana State Championships for the second year in a row!


Our team has had a GREAT year earning a Skills Award and Design Award! We earned a State Bid early in the season and have worked hard to prepare for State! This year we hosted our first event- The Southwood Elementary Invitational! Shout out to all of the amazing coaches and teams who helped make it a success! A HUGE milestone for our group is that one of our students was named a finalist in the REC Girl Powered Online Challenge! Her report on our team was chosen as one of the top 17 in the world! We are so proud!


We have several community members, local business, and our school who support us!