Hamilton Design Robotics
Robot Name: Hamilton Bot
Active: No
Program: VIQC
World Skills Rank: N/A


Team Hamilton Design has 3 teams who all love robotics. We started with 1 team 3 years ago and the team made it to State the first year....after that they were hooked. It is so popular with their friends we keep adding teams. They work very well together and each brings different strengths to the team. As a coach I am most proud of how dedicated they are and how well they work together and with other teams.


Hamilton Designs is a civil engineering firm in Indianapolis that works on various types of commercial design projects around the country. They have been gracious enough to sponsor the team with partial funding to purchase some of the equipment as well as some of the entry fees for the tournaments. Their support has enabled the team to be established and gives the team a challenge because none of them want to disappoint their sponsor at an event.