Pandas from SJTU
Robot Name: Panda
Active: Yes
Grade Level: College
Location: Shanghai, Shanghai
Program: VEXU
World Skills Rank: N/A


We are SJTU 1, a VEX U team from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Our university is a comprehensive, research-oriented, and internationalized top university in China. Being strong at science and engineering, our university is active in all kinds of competitions around the world. We are a very solid team, having excellent and creative students with various majors, like electrical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, etc. Some students are very good at machine constructing, and some others are very strong at programming. We have a close communication and cooperation with each other, working together with the same aim of winning. Throughout the season, our team keeps gathering experience and improving our design. We hope that through persevering efforts, we can realize our goals in the final world championship.


Though Turning Point is the first VEX season for our team to participate in, we are very ambitious and our ultimate aim is to win the world championship of Turning Point. So far, we have attended four main competitions and obtained good results: Champion in the 2018 SJTU VEX Robotics Competition, Finalist and Robot Skills 3rd Place in the 2018 China VEX U Competition, Finalist and Amaze Award in the 2018 Asia-Pacific VEX U Competition, and recently Champion and Excellence Award in the 2019 Asia Open VEX U Competition. Hope that we can achieve good results in the world championship as well.