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Team Name: Frenzy
Robot Name: Flipside
Program: V5RC
Active: No
Grade Level: High School
Location: Delta, British Columbia, Canada

About the Team

9181F is a third year team from Delta, British Columbia, Canada. They are composed of 4 members each with varying levels of experience from 2-3 years. 9181F strives to always compete at the highest possible level to the best of their ability. This year they hope to use their skills and teamwork to succeed and do better than they ever have before in the Over Under season.

About this Season

This is our fourth and final year together as a team as we are all in grade 12. We'd like to use our collective knowledge to make an impact on our region and on the next generation of robotics teams.

About Team Sponsor

The 500 Miles for Mental Health Foundation: Move to improve your mental and physical health. The 500 Miles for Mental Health Foundation set out to remind people of all ages that mental health can be improved through physical activity. They believe that increasing this awareness in children puts tools into their toolkit, tools that will strengthen them as they grow into adults. Thanks to their generous grant in February of 2023 we were able to travel to and compete in the inaugural 2023 Mecha Mayhem, Canada's first ever Vex signature event. We met and connected with so many robotics students from all over the globe, and spread the message of the 500 Miles for Mental Health Foundation to help bring more positivity to the world! Their website: "