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Gold Rush
Team Name: Gold Rush
Robot Name: Alberto Pablo Javier III
Program: V5RC
Active: No
Grade Level: High School
Location: Wooster, Ohio, United States

About the Team

44691R - Wooster Robotics: Gold Rush is a team of highly trained and experienced robotics scholars who are bringing new things to the table for the Over Under season. Using their superior strategy as well as a precise and meticulous building process, Wooster Robotics: Gold Rush will make a name for themselves amongst the greatest and continue the legacy of 44691R. The team consists of two seniors, one junior, and two freshmen.

About this Season

The 2023-2024 Over Under season will offer a new challenge for team 44691R. This season will be very competitive and have a plethora of unique and interesting robot designs and strategies, yet Wooster Robotics: Gold Rush’s superior robot design and performance will give them an edge over the competition on top of their master crafted strategy. Wooster Robotics competed in both in-person tournaments and Live Remote tournaments during the 2020-2021 season. Wooster Robotics and Team 44691R will work together with fellow high school teams during this competition season.

About Team Sponsor

Thank you to our dedicated sponsors for making it possible for out teams to compete and succeed. Thanks to AC Split Bolt, Artiflex, Bowman Beverage, Built-Rite Box and Crate, CIX Direct, Global Body and Equipment, Rayco, Riverview Industrial Wood Products, Schaeffler, Seaman Corporation, Tekfor, and Wooster Motor Ways.