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Barcbots Getting There
Team Name: Barcbots Getting There
Program: V5RC
Active: Yes
Grade Level: High School
Location: Cupertino, California, United States

About the Team

[* 2023 VEX Spin Up World Champion *] [* 2024 VEX Over Under World Finalist *] Garage based VRC team of 6 students from various schools and various grades (9-11) - Alex, Noemi, Arvin, Orion, Zayn and Anish. Team cohesion is an important part of our journey. We strongly believe that team work helps everyone to learn and improve both technical and social skills. This team is inspired by multiple community members, whom we met and played with along the way.

About this Season

The stakes are high: invite us to your signature event, we may come. MoA - Instagram (@barcbots) or Discord. Planning to go: MoA, Speedway, Hollywood, Ignite, Rumble, Mecha Mayhem.