Be prepared for minor field variance. Field Element tolerances and Triballs may vary from specified locations / dimensions; Teams are encouraged to design their Robots accordingly. Please make sure to check Appendix A for more specific nominal dimensions and tolerances.
  • Field Element tolerances may vary from nominal by up to ±1.0”
  • The opening of the Goal between the PVC pipe and the foam field tiles has a dimensional tolerance of +0.25” / -0.00”.
  • Triball weights may vary from nominal by up to ±20 grams.
  • Triball placement at the beginning of Matches may vary from nominal by up to ±1” (25.4mm).
  • The rotation of Triballs is not specified.
  • The only placement requirement for the Triballs that begin in each Match Load Zone are that they are contacting the Match Load Zone (i.e., the gray foam tile). See <SG1>.