Stay in your starting Zone during Autonomous. During the Autonomous Period, Robots may not contact foam tiles, Triballs, or Field Elements that are entirely on the opposing Alliance’s side of the Neutral Zone, or entirely in the opposite Offensive Zone from which they began the Match.
  • <G17> does not apply to this rule, unless egregiously exploited for strategic gain. It is expected that Triballs which are launched as part of normal Autonomous gameplay may contact foam tiles on the opponent’s side of the field.
  • Violation Notes:
  • Intentional, strategic, or egregious violations, such as intentional contact with an opposing Robot while contacting the foam tiles past the Neutral Zone, will be considered Major Violations.
  • Intentionally using a Triball to interfere with the Match Load Zone that is used for an opponent’s Autonomous Win Point may be considered an example of exploiting <G17> for strategic gain. If the opponent has already successfully retrieved their Triball when the Violation occurs, then this will be considered a Minor Violation of <SG9>, and the Autonomous Win Point is not affected (per <SC7>). If the opponent has not retrieved their Triball, then this will be considered a Major Violation.
  • Significant Q&As:
  • 1963 - Robots can contact Triballs that have legally changed Zones