Possession is limited to one (1) Triball. Robots may not have greater-than-momentary Possession of more than one Triball at once. Robots in Violation of this rule must immediately stop all Robot actions except for attempting to remove the excess Triball(s). This rule applies to both intentional and accidental Possession.
The intent of this rule is not to punish Robots for pushing Triballs that are in their way; that is, Robots are free to incidentally drive through Triballs on the field while Possessing a Triball.
Violation Notes:
  • Any intentional Violation by an Alliance who wins the Match will be considered Match Affecting.
  • Examples of egregious Violations that may immediately escalate to Major Violations include, but are not limited to:
  • Continuing to play other portions of the game (e.g., defensive maneuvers, Elevating) without attempting to remove excess Triballs for the majority of the Match
  • “Accidentally” Possessing an egregious amount of Triballs
  • “Removing” excess Triballs directly into a Team’s own Goal
  • Note: There are no rules prohibiting Plowing multiple Triballs. However, Robots which employ Plowing strategies should be cognizant of any accidental Possession risks while doing so, such as a Triball rolling into an intake mechanism while another one is already there. Note 2: When removing excess Triballs, the safest maneuver will always be to remove them into an opponent’s Offensive Zone, or into any Match Load Zone. Head Referees may provide more specific direction at their discretion, depending on the context of the Match and the circumstances that led to the excess Possession. Significant Q&As
  • 1531 - Triballs held between a wall and the Robot may be considered Possessed
  • 1543 - Robots do not transitively Possess Triballs through other Robots
  • 1610 - Visual examples of Plowing vs Possession
  • 1622 - Vertical concavities are more likely to result in Plowing than Possession
  • 1667 - Extra Triballs should be removed in a location that doesn’t affect the Score
  • 1684 - Robots can work together to plow Triballs
  • 1840 - Momentarily possessing a 2nd Triball is not a Violation