Keep Triballs in the field. Teams may not intentionally remove Triballs from the field. Although Triballs may accidentally leave the field, doing so intentionally or repeatedly would be a Violation of this rule. Triballs that leave the field during Match play, whether intentionally or unintentionally, will be returned to the field by being placed in a Match Load Zone nearest the point at which they exited.
  • Referees will return Triballs to the field when it is deemed safe to do so, at their discretion.
  • This action is not considered a “Match Load”, i.e., the stipulations in rule <SG6> do not apply. For example, the Triball cannot be placed directly onto a Robot.
  • Incidental contact with other Triballs that are already in the Match Load Zone may occur, although referees will make a concerted effort not to do so.
  • The Triball may be placed on top of other Triballs that are already in the Match Load Zone if necessary, e,g., if Triballs are already covering the entire Match Load Zone foam tile region.
  • At their discretion, referees may also direct a nearby Drive Team Member or other volunteer to return the Triball to a specific Match Load Zone. However, this should never be done by Drive Team Members proactively without referee acknowledgment. Note: Triballs which come to rest on top of a Goal may be retrieved by a Drive Team Member from the Alliance Station adjacent to the Goal in question. The Triball is then considered a Match Load for the Alliance who retrieved the Triball. This momentary interaction is an exception to rule <G9>.
  • Significant Q&As:
  • 1536 - Intentionally placing Triballs on the net counts as removing them from the field
  • 1809 - Deflecting Triballs back into the Field is a Violation of rule <G9>