Elevation is protected. During the last 30 seconds of the Match, Robots may not contact the following:
  • The opposing Alliance’s Elevation Bars
  • Opponent Robots who are contacting their Elevation Bars
  • Opponent Robots who meet the definition of Elevated
  • During the last 15 seconds of the Match, Robots may not contact:
  • The Short Barriers adjacent to the opposing Alliance’s Elevation Bars.
  • Violation Notes:
  • Regarding points “a” and “d”: If no opponent Robots are in the process of Elevating, then most incidental or momentary contact is unlikely to be Match Affecting, and should only be considered a Minor Violation.
  • If an egregious Violation results in opponent Robot damage, or otherwise severely impedes an opponent’s Elevation, then it should be assumed that the Violation was Match Affecting if the opposing Alliance loses the Match by 20 points or less.
  • The intent of this rule is to prevent potentially damaging defensive interactions with Robots who are in the process of Elevating. Indirect contact may also be considered a Minor or Major Violation of <G1>, <G13>, or <SG11> at the Head Referee’s discretion. This could include actions such as:
  • Repeatedly hitting the field perimeter wall that the opponent’s Elevation Bar is connected to
  • Repeatedly hitting the Barrier adjacent to the opponent’s Elevation Bar
  • Launching Triballs at an Elevated Robot
  • Significant Q&As:
  • 1551 - Factors to help decide whether a Violation is Major or Minor
  • 1748 - An offended Robot that elevates probably wasn’t severely impeded; highest possible Elevation Tier is equivalent to the highest Elevated Robot
  • 1960 - Contact with detached part from another Robot might not negate Elevation