Elevation points are comparative, and are awarded based on the Elevation Tiers achieved by all Robots at the end of the Match. The highest-Elevated Robot will receive the highest number of Elevation points, followed by the second-highest, and so on. If multiple Robots are measured at the same Elevation Tier, they will receive the same amount of points.
Example 1
Robot Elevation Tier Points
Red 1 C 2nd Tier (15)
Red 2 D Top Tier (20)
Blue 1 A 4th Tier (5)
Blue 2 B 3rd Tier (10)

Example 2
Robot Elevation Tier Points
Red 1 None 0
Red 2 F Top Tier (20)
Blue 1 F Top Tier (20)
Blue 2 C 2nd Tier (15)