Most modifications to non-electrical components are allowed. Physical modifications, such as bending or cutting, of legal metal structure or plastic components are permitted.
  • Internal or external mechanical repairs of VEX Limit and Bumper switches are permitted. Modifying the metal arm on the Limit Switch is permitted. Using components from these devices in other applications is prohibited.
  • Metallurgical modifications that change fundamental material properties, such as heat treating or melting, are not permitted.
  • Pneumatic tubing may be cut to desired lengths.
  • Fusing/melting the end of legal nylon rope/string (see <R7e>) to prevent fraying is permitted.
  • Welding, soldering, brazing, gluing, or attaching parts to each other in any way that is not provided within the VEX platform is not permitted.
  • Mechanical fasteners may be secured using Loctite or a similar thread-locking product. This may ONLY be used for securing hardware, such as screws and nuts.