Hands out of the field. Drive Team Members are prohibited from making intentional contact with any Triballs, Field Elements, or Robots during a Match, apart from the contact specified in <G9a>.
  • During the Driver Controlled Period, Drive Team Members may only touch their own Robot if the Robot has not moved at all during the Match. Touching the Robot in this case is permitted only for the following reasons: Turning the Robot on or off. Plugging in a battery. Plugging in a V5 Robot Radio. Touching the V5 Robot Brain screen, such as to start a program.
  • Drive Team Members are not permitted to break the plane of the field perimeter at any time during the Match, apart from the actions described in <G9a>, <SG3>, and <SG6>.
  • Transitive contact, such as contact with the field perimeter that causes the field perimeter to contact Field Elements or Triballs inside of the field, could be considered a Violation of this rule.
  • Note: Any concerns regarding Field Element or Triball starting positions should be raised with the Head Referee prior to the Match. Team members may never adjust the Triballs or Field Elements themselves, except for Match Load Zone Triballs as described in <SG1>. Significant Q&As
  • 1953 - Contacting the Field Perimeter to affect a Robot’s Elevation is a Violation