Fields at an event must be consistent with each other. There are many types of permissible aesthetic and / or logistical modifications that may be made to competition fields at the Event Partner’s discretion. If an event has multiple Head-to-Head competition fields, they must all incorporate the same permissible / applicable modifications. For example, if one Head-to-Head field is elevated, then all Head-to-Head competition fields must be elevated to the same height. Examples of these modifications may include, but are not limited to:
  • Elevating the playing field off of the floor (common heights are 12” to 24” [30.5cm to 61cm])
  • Field control systems (see <T22>)
  • Field display monitors
  • Field perimeter decorations (e.g., LED lights, sponsor decals on polycarbonate panels)
  • Field perimeter type (see <T23>)
  • Utilizing the VEX GPS Field Code Strips
  • Note: If an event uses a set of dedicated fields for Robot Skills Matches, there is no requirement for them to have the same consistent modifications as the Head-to-Head fields. See <RSC6> for more details.