Possession is limited to three (3) Discs. Robots may not have greater-than-momentary Possession of more than three (3) Discs at once. Robots in Violation of this rule must immediately stop all Robot actions except for attempting to remove the excess Disc(s). A Robot that is in Violation of rule <SG7> and cannot rectify the Violation cannot participate in further gameplay and will not receive points for tiles Covered in the Endgame. Note: This rule applies to both intentional and accidental Possession.
Violation Notes:
  • Any intentional Violation by an Alliance who wins the Match will be considered Match Affecting.
  • Egregious Violations, such as continuing to play other portions of the Game (e.g., Rollers or Endgame) without attempting to remove excess Discs for the majority of the Match, or “accidentally” Possessing an egregious amount of Discs, may also be considered Major Violations at the Head Referee’s discretion.
  • Other than a situation involving a blatantly intentional Violation of <G14>, any Robot which is in Possession of more than three Discs is in Violation of this rule, regardless of intent, circumstance, or context. It is extremely difficult to extrapolate how limiting an opponent’s access to game objects, even temporarily, may impact a Match. Therefore, in general, it is a Team’s responsibility to ensure that:
  • Their Robots are designed to mitigate the possibility of controversial rulings (e.g., they cannot physically Possess more than the permitted Disc limit).
  • Their strategies during a Match mitigate the possibility of controversial rulings (e.g., they do not attempt to score any points while Possessing four or more Discs).