Stay away from the Net. Becoming Entangled with the Net is considered a Violation of <S1> and / or <G16>, and will result in a Disablement. Causing an opponent to become Entangled with the Net is considered a Violation of <G14> and, at a minimum, will result in a Disablement for both Teams.
This rule is a specific exception to <G14>. Normally, under <G14>, a Robot which is forced into breaking a rule (such as being pushed into the Net) is not penalized. However, because Entanglement with the Net is a potential safety concern, a Robot which becomes Entangled must be Disabled, regardless of who was at fault. Of course, strategic or intentional Violations could be considered a Violation of <G1> and result in a Disqualification.
Violation Notes:
  • Momentary or incidental contact that does not result in Entanglement, such as while aligning with a Loader, is expected and is not considered a Violation.
  • The Disablement associated with this rule is not considered a Major Violation. It is intended to be an avenue for the Head Referee to prevent any potential safety concerns and / or damage to the Net.
  • Intentional, strategic, or repeated Minor Violations and / or Disablements may escalate to a Major Violation at the Head Refereeā€™s discretion.