A field tile is considered Covered if it is being contacted by a Robot at the end of a Match.
  • A field tile may be Covered by both Alliances.
  • Each Alliance may only receive points for one Cover per field tile, regardless of how many of their Robots are contacting that field tile.
  • The field tiles located in the Low Goals do not count towards Cover points (i.e., they will not be Covered by either Alliance).
  • Covered field tiles are only counted for points at the end of the Driver Controlled Period. They are not Scored at the end of the Autonomous Period.
  • For the sake of clarity, the following figures depict the same scenario. In this scenario, the blue Alliance would receive 15 points for Covered field tiles, and the red Alliance would receive 6 points.

    Figure 17:
  • The wheels of Blue Robot 1 are contacting four different tiles, and its horizontal expansion (highlighted in green) is contacting one additional tile.
  • Blue Robot 2 is entirely within one tile that is already being contacted by Blue Robot 1.
  • The blue Alliance would receive 15 points for Covering 5 tiles.

    Figure 18:
  • Red Robot 1 is entirely within a single tile.
  • The left wheels of Red Robot 2 are being lifted off the ground by Blue Robot 1’s horizontal extension (highlighted in green), and are not contacting any tiles.
  • The rear right wheel of Red Robot 2 is contacting the same tile that Red Robot 1 is already Covering.
  • The red Alliance would receive 6 points for Covering 2 tiles.