A Roller is Owned by an Alliance if the area between the Roller’s pointers is entirely that Alliance’s color, when viewed from above. In Figure 16, Roller A is Owned by the blue Alliance, because blue is the only color that appears between the pointers. Roller B is not Owned by either Alliance because both red and blue clearly appear between the pointers.

Figure 16: Examples of Roller states
The Rollers use a “ratchet and pawl”-style mechanism for rotating in predefined increments; they are not free-spinning. If assembled correctly, a Roller’s Owned state should always be clearly visible to a Head Referee. If a Roller is “too close to call” between two states, then referees are advised to give the “benefit of the doubt” to the color that is within the two pointers. For example, in Figure 16, if either Roller was positioned such that the color boundary was directly beneath the pointer and it was “too close to call,” then it should be considered Owned by the blue Alliance.