Stay inside the field. If a Robot is completely out-of-bounds (outside the playing field), it will be Disabled for the remainder of the Match. If a Robot comes in contact with anything outside of the field during the Endgame period or due to an early expansion, including the floor or the outside face of the Field Perimeter, it will automatically receive a Disqualification for that Match. Teams are responsible for the actions of their Robots at all times, including during the Endgame or an early expansion. Interactions that cause expansions to leave the playing field and which result in a Disqualification are not protected by rule <G14>; <G1> will still apply. Note: The intent of this rule is not to penalize Robots for having mechanisms that inadvertently cross the field perimeter during normal game play. However, mechanisms which cross the field perimeter intentionally and / or repeatedly while interacting with the Loader and / or during the Endgame may be considered a Violation of <S1> at the Head Refereeā€™s discretion.