Certain non-VEX components are allowed. Robots are allowed the following additional “non-VEX” components:
  • Any material strictly used as a color filter or a color marker for a legal sensor, such as the VEX Light Sensor or the VEX V5 Vision Sensor.
  • Any non-aerosol-based grease or lubricating compound, when used in extreme moderation on surfaces and locations that do NOT contact the playing field walls, foam field surface, Discs, or other Robots.
  • Anti-static compound, when used in extreme moderation (i.e., such that it does not leave residue on Field Elements, Discs, or other Robots).
  • Hot glue when used to secure cable connections.
  • An unlimited amount of non-elastic rope / string, with a thickness / diameter between 1/8” (imperial standard) / 3mm (metric standard) and 1/4” (6.35mm). String must measure at least 1/8” / 3mm in diameter at its nartrest point while on the Robot under no load.
  • Commercially available items used solely for bundling or wrapping of 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire, or V5 Smart Cables, and / or pneumatic tubing are allowed. These items must solely be used for the purposes of cable / tubing protection, organization, or management. This includes but is not limited to electrical tape, cable carrier, cable track, etc. It is up to inspectors to determine whether a component is serving a function beyond protecting and managing cables and tubing.
  • Non-functional 3D printed license plates, per <R12> and <R24>, are permitted. This includes any supporting structures whose sole purpose is to hold, mount, or display an official license plate.
  • Rubber bands that are identical in length and thickness to those included in the VEX V5 product line (#32, #64 and 117B).
  • Pneumatic components with identical SMC manufacturer part numbers to those listed on the VEX website. For more detail regarding legal pneumatic components, see the Legal VEX Pneumatics Summary document: https://link.vex.com/docs/2022-2023/vrc-spin-up/LegalPneumatics.
  • Zip ties that are identical in length and thickness to those included in the VEX V5 product line (4” or 11” long).
  • If string is used as part of an Endgame expansion mechanism, we strongly recommend Teams use a string color that matches their Alliance for the current Match, or a highly visible string that is periodically marked with their current Alliance color. Teams that choose not to do this make Match scoring difficult for referees and scorekeepers, and open the possibility that Covered tiles may be missed or incorrectly scored.