Robots are built from the VEX V5 system. Robots may be built ONLY using official VEX V5 components, unless otherwise specifically noted within these rules. Teams are responsible for providing documentation proving a part’s legality in the event of a question. Examples of documentation include receipts, part numbers, official VEX websites, or other printed evidence.
  • Products from the VEXpro, VEX EXP, VEX IQ, VEX GO, VEX 123, or VEX Robotics by HEXBUG product lines cannot be used for Robot construction, unless specifically allowed by a clause of <R7> or “cross-listed” as part of the VEX V5 Product lines. For example, Flex Wheels and VersaHubs are VEXpro components that can be found on the VEX “Flex Wheels” page, and are thus legal: https://www.vexrobotics.com/vrc-flex-wheels.html.
  • The following electronics from the VEX Cortex control system are not permitted:
    SKU Description
    276-2192 VEXnet Joystick
    276-1891 VEXnet Partner Joystick
    276-2194 VEX ARM® Cortex-based Microcontroller
    276-2245 / 276-3245 VEXnet Key 1.0 / 2.0
    276-2177 2-Wire Motor 393
    276-2162 3-Wire Servo
    276-2210 VEX Flashlight
    276-2193 Motor Controller 29
  • The following electronics from the VEX Cortex control system are permitted:
    SKU Description
    276-2174 / 276-4859 Limit Switch V1 / V2
    276-2159 Bumper Switch
    276-2156 Optical Shaft Encoder
    276-2216 Potentiometer
    276-2155 Ultrasonic Range Finder
    276-2176 LED Indicator
    276-2333 Yaw Rate Gyroscope
    276-2332 Analog Accelerometer V1.0
    276-2154 Line Tracker
    276-1380 Jumper
    276-2158 Light Sensor
  • Components that are unique to the V5 Workcell product line are not permitted. This includes the following:
    SKU Description
    276-7151 Robot Arm Metal
    276-7152 Robot Brain Mount
    276-7153 Input Output Conveyor
    276-7720 Disc Feeder
    276-7047 V5 Electromagnet
    276-4842 V5 Smart Motor (5.5W)
  • VEX IQ pins are permitted, if used solely for the purpose of attaching Robot License Plates.
  • Components obtained from the V5 beta program, including V5 beta firmware, are not legal for competition use. All V5 beta hardware can be identified by its lighter gray pre-production color. Robot Brains, Robot Batteries, Controllers, and Vision Sensors from the V5 beta have a “BETA TEST” stamp on them. Smart Motors and Radios do not have this stamp, but can still be identified by color.
  • Components from the VEXplorer kit that are not found in modern VEX V5 kits are not permitted. These include (but may not be limited to) electronics, wheels, non-standard gears, and plastic connectors.
  • Official VEX products are ONLY available from VEX Robotics. All official products are listed on www.vexrobotics.com.
  • Using VEX apparel, competition support materials, packaging, or other non-Robot products on a VEX Robotics Competition Robot goes against the spirit of this rule and is not permitted.