No modifications to electronic or pneumatic components are allowed. Motors (including the internal PTC or V5 Smart Motor firmware), microcontrollers (including V5 Robot Brain firmware), cables, sensors, controllers, battery packs, reservoirs, solenoids, pneumatic cylinders, and any other electrical or pneumatics component of the VEX platform may NOT be altered from their original state in ANY way.
  • External wires on VEX 2-wire or 3-wire electrical components may be repaired by soldering or using twist / crimp connectors, electrical tape, or shrink tubing such that the original functionality and length are not modified in any way. Wire used in repairs must be identical to VEX wire. Teams make these repairs at their own risk; incorrect wiring may have undesired results.
  • Teams must use the latest official VEXos firmware updates, found at https://link.vex.com/firmware. Custom firmware modifications are not permitted.
  • Teams may make the following modifications to the V5 Smart Motor’s user-serviceable features. This list is all-inclusive; no other modifications are permitted. Where applicable, the components listed below (in the specific applications listed below) are permissible exceptions to <R11>. Removing the gear cartridge, or replacing the gear cartridge with other official cartridges. Removing or replacing the screws from the V5 Smart Motor Cap (276-6780). Removing or replacing the threaded mounting inserts (276-6781). Aesthetic / non-functional labeling (e.g. markers, stickers, etc).
  • For the purposes of this rule, the gear cartridges found within the V5 Smart Motor are considered “part of the motor”. Therefore, any physical or functional modifications to official gear cartridges is not permitted.
  • For the purposes of this rule, the V5 Smart Motor Cap is not considered “part of the motor”. Therefore, <R22> applies.